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IVY League Admission

IVY League Admission Expert

Ivy League Colleges represent the epitome of competitive education and educational meritocracy. Despite the city of Dubai and the UAE in general being regionally renowned International Education centers, there is paucity of information on Ivy League Colleges Admissions in Dubai. Initially, when I was just providing academic support to my students, I realized how many of these young brains were Ivy League material, but were not privy to Ivy League Colleges existence, their admissibility and the underlying opportunities. With consummate knowledge on Ivy League Colleges accrued through my years of involvement in International Education in Dubai, I took the onus to guide these students accordingly.

It has long been acknowledged by thought-leaders the world yonder that the world would be better with smarter minds to lead in the fast-paced knowledge-based economy. This understanding was the impetus behind initiating Ivy League Colleges Admission Counselling in Dubai. After having helped many students, I am now a comprehensive admissions strategist and mentor with inside information on universities and their selection preferences. I offer aggregated know-how in guiding applicants further in their preparation for the competitive admission tests such as SAT, ACT and IELTS, among other requirements such as interviews, essays, and resumes as required by shortlisting universities.

My team and I strive towards students getting admission in top colleges:

Harvard University
Yale University
Princeton University
University of Pennsylvania
Cornell University
Dartmouth College
Columbia University
Brown University


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Do You Have Your Sights Set on the Ivy League?

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Ivy League Admission Consulting in Dubai

    Book Your Consultation!

    Book an initial consultation with me to find out how I can improve your chances of admission to the top colleges in the US!

    Two sessions of 40 minutes each where I get to know the student and discuss what he/she aspires to be, what admission teams at universities look for and how I can help them draft a brilliant application.
    I offer students and their parents/guardians a bespoke service which covers support with all aspects of the university application process.
    Though the schools support their students with admission support, more often than not they are unable to help them all due to high numbers of students. I am devoted to providing exclusive customized support with every aspect of your application - from tedious university selection strategies, test preparation and essay support, to extracurricular mentoring and interview practice. Let me take your candidature to success.

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