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Medicine Admission Counselling

Medicine Admission Counselling in Dubai


Medicine is an immensely valued career and medical professionals are highly regarded because of the positive impact they have on the world.

Due to their paramount importance in society, medical degrees are among the most demanding, challenging and competitive of courses. Students who opt for medical courses need to have a definite interest in the sciences as well as a passion to serve others. There are very few courses that require the same dedication, commitment and willingness to serve others as a medical profession. A combination of interest and hard work is essential to keep the medical student going through years of study and training necessary to earn a profession as a qualified doctor.

Getting acceptance into medical school

The medical field of education is highly competitive because of the prestige associated with the field and its challenging nature. To gain admission into one of the top medical schools, one needs to achieve top grades in science subjects especially biology and chemistry. It is also mandatory to show evidence for commitment to the field of medicine, which can be achieved through work experience at a healthcare centre, a private clinic or a care home for special needs.

For candidates who have achieved high grades and the required work experience for a medical course, they have likely gained it through hard work and dedication. Even then, they need to be prepared for more challenges, both during their studies and years later. This profession may have high demands emotionally as well as intellectually, with intense pressure and may be time-consuming.

Results of doing medicine

Apart from letting you specialise in a particular area of medicine, medical degrees not only give hands-on experience in necessary tasks such as taking blood samples and doing surgical procedures but also help develop the people skills which are required for patient interaction.

A fact to note is that medical education and training follows a different structure in different countries and the qualification gained in one country may not be recognised in others. Therefore, before deciding on a location for your studies, it may be beneficial to decide on where to work and the courses to take to complete the desired qualification.

Society always needs doctors, hence medical graduates enjoy a certain degree of security in their career prospects with significant financial benefits. A large variation exists in salaries depending on the chosen specialisation and expertise.

A majority of medical graduates become practising physicians and find work in hospitals or clinics. However, there are other alternatives beyond hospital jobs, such as medical research. This is an important field that helps in gaining knowledge of diseases, diagnoses and treatments. Other options for medical careers are defence medical services, prison health services, and expedition officers.

Beyond the roles associated with health care, candidates with skills from medical degrees will likely be valued over a broad area of employment sectors. Career options that combine a medical background with a new field are medical journalism, health service management and health care policy.


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How Dr Anil Khare can guide you for your medical degree?

Dr Anil Khare is one of the leading education counsellors in Dubai. At his institute, he provides one-on-one counselling sessions for students.

As an International Education expert in Dubai who can guide you in the right direction with regards to your medical education abroad, Dr Anil Khare is the right person for your career counselling in Dubai. As a brilliant career consultant in the UAE with years of experience, he has steered thousands of UAE kids towards a fitting education that aligns with their career goals. With a deep understanding of the way the mind works, he is capable of finding out where their interests lie in terms of a future path to take. Having worked in the international education industry for over two decades, he is the best medical career advisor in Dubai to approach for your career plans.

In order to get an idea about the best medical universities abroad for students in Dubai, drop in a message or call directly at Amourion Training Institute. Alternatively, you can book an appointment with Dr Anil Khare – Dubai’s best career counsellor.

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