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Engineering Admission Counselling

Engineering Admission Counselling in Dubai


Known as the most popular and versatile majors that college students could pursue, Engineering provides a multiple range of professional opportunities across several industries, like oil, medicine and renewable energy. There is such a vast range of engineering fields that students may find themselves confused on their specific area of interest. The best way to ease the confusion is to study about the main differences between the branches.

The engineering major expands your technical knowledge in your chosen area and enhances your problem-solving skills and your leadership skills in a cross-cultural setting. There are many specialisations to choose from, the key 5 being civil, chemical, mechanical, electrical, and industrial. The course gives an opportunity to pursue your area of interest at an advanced level so as to follow your career goals. The subject areas are carefully designed and structured to promote innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership.

Engineering emphasises scientific or technological aspects of study, including designing, developing machines, building engines and architectural structures.

There are some fields of engineering that are subfields of others. An example would be environmental engineering which is a subset of civil engineering. There are certain types of engineering that do not fit into a specific category, such as biological engineering, rehabilitation engineering and nuclear engineering.

Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is that discipline of engineering that deals with the design and construction of physical structures like bridges, roads, water supply systems etc. The new courses in civil engineering incorporate environmental sustainability.

Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineering focuses on the design and manufacture of materials by using scientific principles. Chemical engineers research, perform experiments and manufacture by using chemical processing on food, microorganisms, fuels and pharmaceuticals.

Mechanical Engineering

This discipline of engineering deals with the production and development of mechanical systems and locomotion. Mechanical engineers use mathematical and physics-related principles to develop fully functional products from concepts, such as ships, household appliances, turbines and vehicles.

Electrical Engineering

This discipline focuses on electronic and electrical equipment. The electrical engineers test, design and manufacture devices that produce electricity, like microchips, computers, lights, satellites and generators.

Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering is the branch of engineering that combines engineering procedures with business practices for cost efficiency and quality enhancement. They find employment in service industries, entertainment, healthcare and others.

All engineering disciplines are challenging with a requirement of basic knowledge of scientific concepts in the particular area it specialises in as well as a firm grip on advanced calculus and physics. During the course, the base is strengthened, enabling the students to deliver their inputs for further advancement of their careers as well as the industry they find professional work in.

Dr Anil Khare is the most sought-after career advisor in Dubai who can guide you on the right engineering discipline for you based on your aptitude and interest. He also provides guidance on the best universities to pursue the specialisation of your preference as well as the steps to take to get admission into top universities all over the world including the coveted IVY LEAGUE.


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How Dr Anil Khare can help you get into top universities?

Dr Anil Khare is a leading education counsellor in Dubai. He provides one-on-one counselling sessions for students at his counselling and training centre – Amourion Training Institute.

As a top-rated career advisor in Dubai for engineering studies abroad, Dr Khare will guide you in the right direction. Book an appointment with the career expert himself – Dr Anil Khare, by calling at Amourion Training Institute.

He has guided students for years to pursue a fitting education in one of the many disciplines in engineering. With career guidance experience spanning years, and having provided expert service as a study abroad advisor for engineering courses in Dubai, Dr Khare is the answer to your career dreams.

To learn more about the top engineering universities abroad for students in Dubai, career options in engineering for students from Dubai, details of IB courses to take to pursue an education in engineering abroad, message or call at Amourion Training Institute. Our expert inhouse counsellors will enlighten you on the best engineering universities all over the world. Or you may book an appointment to speak with Dubai’s best advisor for a career in engineering – Dr Anil Khare.

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