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How To Find The Right Admission Counsellor In Dubai?

How To Find The Right Admission Counsellor In Dubai

Are you 100% sure your admission application will be considered by the best universities globally?

Considering the array of requirements necessary to properly position you for admission to the best overseas colleges, you will have to get the best admission counsellor in Dubai to walk you through every stage.

Enlisting with a qualified and experienced admission expert can significantly increase your chances of getting admitted into the best universities across the globe. This will give you that required cutting edge, taking you many steps ahead of your contemporaries. Remember, the role of mentorship in achieving career success cannot be over-emphasised. The ideal admission counsellor is a mentor and experienced tutor who not only gives instructions but actively participates in the process while giving the needed PUSH! Find a few things to consider while finding a good career.

  • Set Relevant, Achievable Goals

Know exactly what is expected of you to get this admission. Ensure that you are on the same page with the university, while you communicate all grey areas as well as needs and requests with your counsellor.

  • Services Offered

The ideal admission consultants in Dubai should offer tutoring and test preparation services.They should help students develop the skills they will require to be considered for admission to top universities.The ideal admission consultant in Dubai should understand the importance of extracurriculars and offer to support the student in building their activities and leadership profiles. In addition, the ideal admission counsellor should also help with university identification, financial assistance and visa procurement.

  • The Right Expertise

Ensure that the college counsellor you are considering has a breadth of vast knowledge, as well as several years of proven experience in the field of college admissions. Ensure the admission counsellor has handled similar admissions and succeeded.

  • Kind of Resources You Need

When working with your admission counsellor, have a clear understanding of the type of resources you have, as well as the ones you need. For instance, let the team of experts supporting you in the admission process know about the specific services you are looking forward to getting. From offering you support with the research to guiding you through your nuanced essays, a great team of subject-matter experts working with the admission counsellor can prove the difference for you while you succeed and are admitted to that top university that you dream of.

  • Create A Channel of Communication

Ensure that there is a medium that allows a free flow of communication between you and the admission counsellor. This is necessary, as there would certainly be times to share ideas and ask some unforeseen questions. The counsellor should seek to know you well enough to be able to counsel and advise you appropriately, so always be in touch.

Book a consultation

After due research, you must book a consultation with the best admission consultant. Meet one of the world’s best admission counsellors here in Dubai – Dr. Anil Khare. He has already helped thousands of students globally, with innumerable successful admissions. He offers consultation to intending university students, and owns the entire admission process on behalf of the student. At Anil Khare, there are expert academic tutors who provide a personalised assessment, hand-holding support and plan the entire schedule for the student.

Saying HeIsthe Best is A Statement of Fact!

With a vast array of academic resources at his disposal, Dr. Anil Khare ticks all the boxes.He has the most qualified, highly experienced and knowledgeable team that helps students achieve their university admission goals with relative ease. He provides a variety of services, including:

  • Counseling
  • University Identification
  • Application Creation
  • Financial Assistance
  • Visa Assistance

Why Choose Him?

Dr. Anil Khare offers effective counselling sessions before and after you enrolfor a counseling package with him. With the strong hand-holding from Dr. Anil Khare’s subject-matter experts, the student can rest assured that he/she is closer to securing his/her future. His team of experts will ensure that no student’s time or effort is wasted at any point.With over 1,000 successful admissions already processed,he stands ‘tallest’ among all admission counsellors!

Contact him nowand speak with the best admission counsellor in Dubai.

Your dream awaits you!

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